Event   17th Meeting of the ECNM
Place / Time   Salzburg (03.10.2019 - 05.10.2019)
Venue   The Pitter Eventcenter
  Rainerstra├če 6
5020 Salzburg
Organiser   Universit├Ątsinstitut f├╝r Pathologie der PMU
M├╝llner Hauptstra├če 48
Field   Mastocytosis, Pathology
Target audience   Experts from all disciplines of applied medicine, including clinical and
preclinical specialists, as well as natural scientists.
Congress language(s)   English
Certificates   We have applied for 19 continuous medical education points
(Thursday ÔÇô 5 points (ID: 660021), Friday ÔÇô 9 points (ID 661938),
Saturday ÔÇô 5 points (ID 661942)). Please find the confirmations per day below.
Exhibition   An accompanying exhibition is planned
Local organisation   pdl ÔÇô Dr. Eugen Preu├č

Assistentin: Charlotte Francke

Andreas-Hofer-Stra├če 6 EG

6020 Innsbruck